Spuds in the Sun

28 Mar

The sun hit the Community Garden so fiercely this week that even in the cool of the evening the walls were still radiating heat.  We’ve been going to bed dreaming of gigantic pumpkins, cucumbers and courgettes.

The ‘Learn English, Grow Food’  on Monday had tripled as word of mouth spread.  We got some good English practice in (turns out that the word ‘occasionally’ is actually quite a hard word to explain, never mind memorise), but it was really wonderful to meet people from around the world who have very different growing experiences. Two of our Russian ladies taught us that they cut their potatoes vertically in half to double the crop, and apparently in Eritrea it’s pretty standard to grow corn in your backyard.

On a much more local level, one of our helpers for the day, Polly, offered to fill up the slug pubs as she lives around the corner.  Hopefully white wine will work as well as beer!

Just to finish off with a lovely photo, here’s Alix holding his toilet roll pak choi seed starter.  He’s doing a bit of plant babysitting on his windowsill while we get things rolling.

‘Learn English, Grow Food’ takes place every Monday at 1.30pm


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