Do I Want Dragons on my Patch?

16 Apr










With the Easter holidays, the numbers of the ‘Learn English, Grow Food’ session were swelled by the enthusiastic kids who use the green space around St Mary’s, who proved to be a both lovely and helpful addition to the group.

We kicked off with a treasure hunt, and then used all the things we found to play a game of ‘Do I Want it in My Vegetable Patch?’

It turns out that pretty much everything, from flowers, to cats, to frogs and dragons have a part to play in our environment – and if they bother our food there’s usually a safe, organic way to deal with the problem.   We even got an indepth explanation of pollination from one of our nine year old participants!

After this we tried out the new gloves and helped Daniele from Abundance to plant some of the newly grafted apple and pear trees in one of the beds.  Some innovative recycling going on here – Daniele had some hops from a local brewery to use as a mulch, continuing the beer theme of last week’s slug pubs.



















This week we’re starting to properly plant up the beds – Why not drop by next Sunday for the first of the skill share sessions? It starts at 2.00pm and we’ll be discussing the best way to get beans and peas going.  And of course if you like the sound of ‘Learn English, Grow Food’, remember, the more helpers we have the more one-on-one conversation we can get going, so come along at 1.30 on a Monday.

Happy Growing!


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