Break Through

15 May

In the face of stubbornly bad weather, our brave seeds have finally poked their heads above the soil. 

Thanks guys, knew you’d make it eventually.



We’ve had some really interesting ‘Speak and Grow’ sessions of late.  Here’s the last couple of weeks in pictures.

Brainstorming the cabbage bed:


Planting out loads of strawberries, and earthing up the potatoes:









Picking nettles to help get the compost going.

They really speed up the process but make sure you leave out the roots!









And posing a bit:









If you’d like to come and volunteer as a conversationalist on a Monday afternoon, get in touch on

***********************NEWS FLASH*******************************

We have an exciting new growing project taking shape, bringing members of St Mary’s ‘Food Hub’ and IBK Initiatives together on a Thursday morning.  Watch this space, and email to be added to the mailing list.

**********************END OF NEWS FLASH*************************


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